Steven McCurdy Escapes Handcuffs, Fights Officers After Blue Meth Arrest

At least his branding was on point

At least his branding was on point

Alleged meth dealer Steven McCurdy went down swinging in an episode that would've made Breaking Bad's Heisenberg proud.

The 57-year-old was arrested in La Crosse on Saturday after he was caught with almost 100 grams of blue meth and a scale in an apartment near downtown, according to police.

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The police report states McCurdy was at a female friend's apartment around 8:00 p.m. when two cops showed up because a phone tipster said he had brought lots of meth and cash into the apartment. Upon arrival cops searched him and found he was carrying $6,000 cash and a bunch of small baggies of regular ol' white meth in his "custom duct tape wallet."

He was arrested, handcuffed and put into the back of a squad car by one of the cops. Meanwhile, the other cop found two small bricks of blue meth -- one 42 grams, one 43 grams -- along with a scale and three pipes in the apartment and radioed his partner to bring a camera and evidence baggies up.

McCurdy was left alone in the back of the cop car while the two responding officers bagged evidence and waited for backup. When the backup police officer arrived he saw the plexiglass divider had been bashed out of place and he opened the back door of the cop car to find out what happened.


That's when he discovered McCurdy had somehow managed to get his left hand free from the handcuffs and was going on a full-fledged meth-fueled rampage. The backup police officer radioed urgently for backup while he struggled to keep McCurdy in the car and eventually two officers subdued him.

McCurdy was brought to the hospital "due to his apparent intense high on methamphetamine" before eventually being booked into La Crosse County Jail.

McCurdy isn't getting off easy for the episode. He faces charges of possession with intent to distribute blue meth, resisting an officer, escape of criminal arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal damage to property.

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