Steven Cowan claims mental defect for shooting TV over Bristol Palin's dancing

Steven Cowan is not Bristol Palin's biggest fan.

Steven Cowan is not Bristol Palin's biggest fan.

Bristol Palin did a lot of whining on her way up the ladder in last season's Dancing With The Stars, coasting on her mom's name but complaining she lost in the finals for political reasons.

Tell it to 67-year-old Steven Cowan.

Palin's lack of talent literally drove the Wisconsin man so crazy that he blew away his TV set, and then held the cops at bay for 15 hours after his wife called 911.


Cowan's defense: He has a mental disease or defect.

Now he's pleading not guilty in Dane County Circuit Court to felony charges of reckless endangerment and failure to comply with law enforcement officer.

The complaint describes a wild situation at the Cowan household. His wife, Janice, watched in horror as her husband jumped up and down, swearing about "the fucking politics" when Palin came on, and then wanted to know where his guns were. From there, things went from crazy to dangerous, with the help of a single-shot shotgun.

Bristol Palin drove Steven Cowan crazy.

Bristol Palin drove Steven Cowan crazy.

Cowan was still demanding his other guns when Janice grabbed her purse and made for the door. He warned her not return with anyone or he'd put the gun in his mouth, but she drove to the nearby town of Black Earth, stopped and called 911 from an attorney's office. The cops met her there, and they all returned to the house and the stand off began.

At some point, Janice told police that Cowan was on medication for bipolar disorder, and that he'd been out at a bar before he busted out the gun that night. She was afraid he was going to shoot her once he'd dispatched the TV.

Dane County Assistant District Attorney Robert Kaiser told The Smoking Gun that Cowan's could prove he "wasn't just a guy pissed off at his TV."

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