Steven Bloom's menstrual texts to student lead to probation

Steven Bloom was once a Minnesota School Social Worker of the Year, but now he's just known as the guy who bought lingerie for a high school dropout and who couldn't stop texting a 10th grader about her menstrual periods.

Yesterday, his totally inappropriate texting earned the former Roseville High School staffer a year of probation, a couple of days in jail, and a requirement that he engage in some serious counseling.

The 56-year-old man's demise began last March when he was spotted buying the lingerie at a local Dots store while wearing a Roseville High badge. From there, his story just kept getting worse.

Police got a search warrant for his office, and investigators discovered that over the course of one year, he sent almost 9,000 text messages to seven girls. He used code words with his favorite girls, including "Tgirl" for tampon and "H" for heavy menstrual flow.

It was about building relationships and bonding, he said.

But one 10th grader started getting creeped out by Bloom's itchy texting fingers in 2009. According to police, her sent her at least 50 messages a month, trying to engage her in chatter about women's health issues. She told him to stop. He didn't. The cops came calling. And in April, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

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