Steven Bloom, former Minnesota School Social Worker of the Year, probed for hitting on female students

Steve Bloom, a Roseville Area High School counselor and 1989 Minnesota School Social Worker of the Year, has been put on paid administrative leave amid an investigation into some wildly inappropriate texts he allegedly sent to multiple female students.

The saga began Feb. 11 when a "concerned citizen" in Dots clothing store spotted a 50-something man wearing a Roseville High School badge buying a piece of lingerie for a girl who appeared to be between 16- and 18-years-old. A surveillance later revealed the man to be Bloom.The woman was an 18 and had recently dropped out. A bit creepy, maybe, but nothing illegal.

But further investigation revealed that Bloom had a of "special students" to whom he sent inappropriate text messages at all hours of the day, going so far to devise a system of code words for his favored pupils, according to police affidavits."Tgirl" was his code word for tampon, for example, "H" for heavy menstrual flow.

Bloom was evidently preoccupied with their cycles. From the Strib:

Police found "numerous" text messages with Bloom asking students about the status of their menstrual cycles and birth control, one affidavit said.

"Bloom referred to them as his special students and he felt closer and more bonded to them knowing about these sensitive issues," according to the document. Many of the students indicated they didn't feel comfortable texting about such topics, but they complied.

Bloom hasn't been charged with a crime. Roseville police remain tight-lipped regarding specifics.

"Investigation is still open and on-going, so anything new will have to come from the school district," Acting Police Chief Rick Mathwig said today.

A spokesperson for Roseville Area High School has yet to return a message seeking comment.