Steven Anderson Arrested on Suspicion of Drinking and Driving Zamboni

Of all the things to drive drunk, a Zamboni's probably one of the most uniquely Minnesotan.

Steven Anderson, a Fargo Parks employee, was happily mounted atop his resurfacing machine at Friday night's girls hockey game between Davies and Williston when some parents noticed he was swerving erratically.

A school official called the cops, who took Anderson away in handcuffs on suspicion of DUI. The Fargo Parks HR director Jim Larson rushed over in a huff to give his apologizes to the girls. Thankfully none of them were on the ice at the time.

Anderson hasn't been charged yet, but he's most definitely fired.

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Larson later told reporters that he'd never seen anything like this happen in his 22 years with Fargo Parks. But as it turns out, another Zamboni driver wreaked havoc at a Twin Cities ice hockey game in recent memory - Joel Bruss plead guilty in May 2012 to cruising with a blood alcohol content of .32.

And on December 15, a Zamboni broke down and started leaking carbon monoxide at a Minnesota Junior Hockey League, triggering mass vomiting and hospitalizing 81 people. In honor of the Fargo Zamboni arrest, some folks on Twitter rededicated homegrown Martin Zeller's 1990 classic, "I Wanna Drive the Zamboni."

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