Steve Murphy likely to pass on grass bill this session


Though the federal legalization of marijuana seems just over the hazy horizon, it looks like a statewide medicinal bill will take a backseat this legislative session.

Sen. Steve Murphy, the Minnesota Legislature's most avid supporter of medicinal marijuana, says he'll likely pass on proposing the bill this year, according to the Minnesota Daily. Murphy is apparently discouraged by our brazen governor, who has said publicly that he would quash any such bill that crosses his desk.

From the Daily:

Murphy said he appreciated the recent developments, but said the key to a successful bill is the support of the governor. "We need a governor who will sign the bill," Murphy said.

Pawlenty said that his signature would require the support of Minnesota law enforcement. Murphy said that may never happen.

"I don't know any high-jumper that's going to get over the bar that he's setting," Murphy said of Pawlenty's stance. "Adrian Peterson couldn't jump over that thing."

Last session, the bill made it all the way through the state Senate before T-Paw put the kibosh on it. Murphy says he will probably propose a medicinal marijuana bill in the 2011 session, when it will have a legitimate chance of going the distance.