Steve Kelley talks policy tonight... with beer


Alright science fans, it’s time to put down the safety gloves, put on the tie and sweater vest and get a little wonky with Café Scientifique and former state senator (and possible gubernatorial candidate?) Steve Kelley.

The mathematics fan and policy maker will give a talk at the Bryant Lake Bowl tonight at 7 p.m. While the news today is full of recount wuv, this could be a good opportunity to see how suits produce policy inside the statehouse. And how they can do it better.

Kelley will tackle such topics as whether our elected officials are prepared to make smart science policy decisions, how scientific leaders might better communicate their work on issues of public concern, and the future of science in America.

And he’ll do it with the aid of beer. These happy hour things get you ass close to the speaker. You can interrupt if they start nerding out too much and the moderator, Shanai Matteson, keeps the talkers talking real.

But this one might be the highlight of their fall/winter season. Kelley, a dude who got his J.D. at Columbia in '78, has the years and knows his stuff better than most. And you might just see some local blogheads in the audience. (Let’s get their attention with Google Alerts: Bob Collins, David Brauer, Fat Guy Who Writes About Pizza…)

My people. My brothers. My sisters. My cougars. It’s time to put down the laptop, push pause on that Kid Koala vid and engage with the populace. Café Scientifique and Steve Kelley are ready to work your brain. And lucky for us all, the beer inside Bryant Lake is there to make sure anything you might learn tonight won’t stick. Cause who wants to get smart? It lowers your chances of becoming a panel member on Larry King…


Steve Kelley w/Café Scientifique Tuesday, Nov. 18 (tonight!) 7 pm to 9 pm Bryant Lake Bowl C’mon. You know where it’s at…