Steve Horner's Las Vegas ladies' night crusade hits a brick wall

Steve Horner's latest battle in the war against Ladies' Night turned out to be a dead end.

Earlier this month, Horner called brimming with optimism to report that the Nevada Equal Rights Commission was going to facilitate mediation between him and several Las Vegas casinos, which he had filed complaints against for their ladies' night specials.

But it sounds like the meetings didn't go so well after all. According to Horner, three of the casinos declined to even show up, and the others didn't have any interest in negotiating. "They told me that I had suffered no damages."

Horner, a Minnesota native, has been fighting ladies' nights for more than two decades, arguing that the drink special constitutes "discrimination." He's claimed small victories along the way, but as far as civil rights battles go, his crusade hasn't exactly captured the passion of the mainstream.

Though the Equal Rights Commission ruled in his favor, Horner says, his case probably won't move forward without cooperation from the casinos. "There is no uproar with Steve white guy balding guy."

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