Steve Horner vs. Chad Hartman on WCCO radio today

Horner gets a chance to defend himself.

Horner gets a chance to defend himself.

Steve Horner doesn't think Chad Hartman gave him a fair shake.

On his WCCO-830 radio show two weeks ago, Hartman devoted a segment to heckling Horner's plans to sue Minnesota's Department of Human Rights for rejecting his latest ladies' night complaint against Sally's Eatery and Saloon.


Suffice to say, Hartman isn't on board with Horner's crusade to criminalize ladies' night. Hartman even suggested Horner should be Tazed for comparing his anti-ladies' night quest to the struggles of Jesus Christ and pre-Civil Rights Movement black people.

"I felt that he was ripping me behind my back without giving me a chance to share my side of the coin," Horner says.

Well, Horner will finally get that chance this afternoon.

After weeks of voicemails accusing Hartman of lacking "big boy guts," WCCO radio has agreed to bring Horner on Hartman's show today and give him the opportunity to defend himself.

It promises to be a good showdown, complete with select audio from some of Horner's voice messages left with Hartman.

"Chad's looking forward to talking to him," says WCCO producer Dan Cook. "Chad's looking forward to debating him on the topic."

Horner is scheduled to come on at 1:10 p.m. Having experience with interviewing Horner, we're taking bets on how long the debate rhetoric stays radio-friendly.