Steve Horner, Tom's brother, admits anti-"ladies night" crusade

Steve Horner sounds like a party pooper. It turns out he's the guy who filed complaints about five local bars discriminating against men because they offered "ladies night" drink specials -- an he's never set foot in any of them.

And now we know which bars he brought to the attention of the state's Human Rights Department, too: Jersey's Bar and Grill in Inver Grove Heights, Dive Bar in Maplewood, the Wild Onion Bar and Restaurant in St. Paul, Sally's Saloon and Eatery in Minneapolis, and Bogart's Nightclub in Apple Valley.

Horner's never set foot in any of them.

According to the Star Tribune:

He was living last summer in North Mankato when friends alerted him to an article listing dozens of ladies' nights in the Twin Cities. He randomly called five bars from the list and asked if he could get their ladies' night discounts. Each said no. He filed complaints.

Horner brought a similar complaint against Gators, a bar that used to be at the Mall of America. And he's filed 22 complaints against bars in Arizona, Oregon, Idaho and Colorado.

Does his name sound familiar? It should. He's the brother of Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner -- and probably not helping Tom win any votes among publicans.

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