Steve Horner: My brother's nuts, but I'd vote for him anyway

Brotherly love reigns.

Brotherly love reigns.

Steve Horner hasn't exactly been the ideal brother to his gubernatorial-hopeful sibling, Tom Horner, during the past few months.

First there was Steve's anti-ladies' night crusade. He filed complaints against five bars in the Twin Cities earlier this year for discriminating against men, earning Tom, a newly endorsed Independence Party candidate, some unwanted publicity.

Then Steve wrote a letter to the Minnesota Daily laying out the vast differences between him and his brother.


"I spent 30 days in the Ramsey County workhouse for nonthreatening phone calls I made to the commissioner of Minnesota's Department of Human Rights for what I believe was her failure to protect my civil rights -- the rights of a balding white guy," writes Steve. "I doubt Tom has ever had so much as a traffic ticket."

But in the 11th hour, brotherly love reigns over all. Sort of.

We asked Steve if he had any interest in endorsing a candidate for Minnesota's governor's race. He obliged. His response begins with accusing Tom of not understanding Minnesota constituents:

It's true, I have been an outspoken critic of my brother Tom Horner's candidacy for governor of Minnesota. I think Tom is out of touch with the reality of today's economic situation and what caused it; I think the last thing most voters want to hear is that their candidate pledges to raise taxes, as Tom has done.

Then Steve goes on to knock his brother's pledge to build a new Vikings stadium -- a plan that Tom has laid out in detail -- as well as his stance on "handouts" paid for by tax dollars:

I also think it was a mistake for Tom to champion a new football stadium for an industry which pays mediocre effort with millions of dollars a year. I also think Tom would continue to support the literally thousands of tax-funded handout programs currently in place in Minnesota government.

But in the end, Steve explains that being "out of touch" is par for the course in this election. At least with Tom, he'd be able to argue politics over a few White Russians at Christmas:

The bottom line, however, is that Dayton and Emmer are probably no different and because Tom is my brother whose ear I could probably bend now and then, I'd vote for my brother Tom.

Steve currently resides in St. George, Utah, so he unfortunately won't be able to participate in today's election.

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