Steve Drazkowski, City Pages' "Best Villain," calls the award an honor

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, the GOP legislator from Mazeppa, is showing the class of a champion.

This week City Pages bestowed upon Drazkowski our annual "Best Villain" award, citing the impressive raft of retrograde legislation he has launched in the past year.

Kind of a backhanded compliment, we have to admit.

But Drazkowski has accepted the award with grace and aplomb. Yesterday he told his hometown paper, the Rochester Post-Bulletin, the he considers the award "a badge of honor."

"If it makes me a villain to point out the fact that fiscal responsibility is not happening in areas of government and identify and suggest models of government that aren't working, I guess that's a good title."

Suggesting models of government that don't work is indeed exactly what Drazkowski does best, from cutting imaginary costs with xenophobic English-only legislation to attempting to import the unconstitutional Arizona immigration law to Minnesota.

A life in politics isn't all glamor and sizzle -- it can often feel like a thankless slog. So as Draz continues to do the special things he does, we're glad to have been able to show him some measure of appreciation. If he is honored, we're glad.

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