Stephon Marbury losing his mind, streaming live


We always knew Stephon Marbury was a little off when he played for the Timberwolves, but we secretly denied it in hopes that he could help actually make our basketball team into something. Luckily we got rid of him before he started live video streams of himself going completely nuts.

Marbury has been streaming his life for four days, trying to prove he isn't crazy while the world becomes even more convinced this man is off his rocker.

Some of the highlights: This morning, Marbury danced to Michael Jackson in white-face. He also broke down crying while listening to music and ate Vaseline. These are all true stories.

Check it out below.

Watch Marbury's live stream here:

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He's surprisingly calm right now, but that's only because he's likely recovering from his most recent manic phase. Don't miss him dancing to Michael Jackson in white-face, crying, and eating Vaseline.

Another highlight:

More from the LA Times:

"Do I believe in aliens?" Marbury responded to viewers at one point. "I don't know, because I've never seen one. But I believe in Jesus because I saw him in the shower the other day."

Marbury's streaming stream of consciousness covered just about everything, from music to current events. "Michael Jackson? I wanted to meet him. I still want to meet him. One day I will meet Michael Jackson," said a wild-eyed Marbury.

At times, Marbury appeared manic, dancing around his house listening to Lupe Fiasco and singing along with Keri Hilson. At other times, Marbury appeared more stoic. He burst into tears while playing Kirk Franklin's "Lean On Me".

Someone get this guy some help. ASAP.