Stephon Marbury is still a Knick, sort of


For all of you sado-masochistic Wolves fans, all you schadenfreude aficionados, all you helpless voyeurs out there, here, in wonderfully nerdy detail, courtesy of ESPN's Marc Stein, is the latest in the Stephon Marbury saga. (The short version of said saga: Marbury, though insanely talented, has played on only two winning teams in 13 years, which teams generally improve dramatically after he moves on. This year, he was benched by new Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni; when finally called upon to play, he sulkily refused and was subsequently banned from the team. Now there are rumors of a move to Boston. Oh, and before that  he was shown to be the second-most vile sexual harasser employed by the Knicks.)

  The bottom line seems to be: if you're interested in punishing yourself by watching Marbury and KG stroll hand in hand, deeply in love, toward another Celtics title, it looks like you're going to have to wait awhile. For the time being, Steph's going to remain floating somewhere between Coney Island and the rings of Saturn, stewing in his own cosmic juices. If you really need that Starbury fix, check out this consciousness-altering '07 video of Steph doing an impersonation of Tracy Morgan impersonating Stephon Marbury: