Stephen Nass, Wisconsin GOP legislator, bottles up bill challenging racist school mascots


It seems so simple. Many Indians in Wisconsin (and all over the country) are offended by school mascots and nicknames that promote racist stereotyping. They want the practice stopped. And yesterday, the Wisconsin Assembly was all set to pass a law that would have allowed people to file complaints in such cases.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal:

School boards would have the burden of proving their mascots, logos, names or nicknames don't promote discrimination, pupil harassment or stereotyping.Schools that refuse could face monetary penalties.

But nothing's ever simple when it comes to race. WKOW reports that Republican Rep. Stephen Nass, of Whitewater, objected to a final reading of the bill, stalling the measure.

Who is Nass? A conservative hero who sees a liberal conspiracy in public education from the sounds of this column by Vikki Kratz in the The Daily Page:

Nass' attacks on the UW often seem rooted in a larger movement by conservatives to challenge the liberal university system. His idea for a Student Bill of Rights, for example, which would protect students who voice conservative opinions, is based on a proposal by David Horowitz, a prominent conservative author.

We'll keep you posted.