Stephen Miles pleads insanity after cutting off his mother's head


There doesn't seem to be any legal doubt that Stephen Miles is insane, after a ruling by Dakota County Judge Kathryn Messerich last week. The only thing she has to consider now is whether he's guilty by reason of insanity for cutting off his mother's head. Messerich is due to make that ruling by the end of this week.

The 27-year-old man was charged with second-degree murder after he decapitated his mother while his father was out of the house shoveling snow, according to the Strib. Burnsville cops arrested him on Dec. 30, 2005, after finding him sitting on the family's patio with his father. He was covered in blood. His mother's body was found inside.

Shortly after Miles was arrested, attention focused on the family's unsuccessful attempts to hospitalize him just hours before the killing. He had been diagnosed the year before as having disorders, including schizophrenia. His parents, Roland and Carol Miles, had struggled for years to get help for their son, especially in the months before Maris Miles died. Stephen Miles had refused to take antipsychotic medications.