Stephen Colbert catches Gretchen Carlson making stuff up about the war on Christmas

Colbert on Carlson: It's crazy.

Colbert on Carlson: It's crazy.

Gretchen Carlson, the pride of Anoka High School, and Steve Doocey's best pal on Fox and Friends, probably has a clause in her contract to make sure we know there's a war on Christmas. That's the only logical reason she keeps obsessing on the subject.

Well, that and ratings.

But in her zeal to keep America safe for Santa and Jesus, she keeps making stuff up and spreading rumors, like the story about the Florida school that's banned the colors red and green.


"It's crazy!" she says. Also, it's not true. And Stephen Colbert swooped in last night to try and keep her anchored to the reality-based community. Watch:

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