Stephanie Moreland tried to hide a fur coat in her underwear

Stephanie Moreland, fashion maven.

Stephanie Moreland, fashion maven.

Some people like their underwear a little loose, so they can have some breathing room. Other people like it really loose, so they can shove stolen merchandise in there -- like, say, a fur coat.

That's what Stephanie Moreland did, or tried to do, last New Year's Eve. She got caught, was charged with felony theft of the $6,500 mink sable coat, and pleaded guilty to the audacious crime.  Yesterday, Moreland was sentenced to  about 18 months in jail, and six months on supervised release.

On the last day of 2010, an employee at Alaskan Fur Company in Bloomington approached Moreland, whom she thought had taken a coat off a rack. When the employee asked Moreland if she'd taken a fur coat, Moreland denied it, and tried to prove her innocence in a way that was almost as ridiculous as the crime itself: She turned around and pulled her dress up.

"According to the employee, it appeared that defendant was not wearing underwear," according to the complaint.


Later, cops caught up to Moreland, who again denied stealing anything. Finally she admitted the theft, pulled up the front of her dress and pulled a short fur coat from her underwear.

She told police she'd removed the back of her underwear, so that when she was confronted she could make it look like she wasn't wearing any and had nowhere to hide the coat.

Moreland got credit for time served, but must still pay $3,500 in restitution as part of her sentence.

There's no word on what became of her fancy coat.