Stephanie Mattinas stabs her cheating sister in the face

Last Tuesday was a tough day for 26-year-old Stephanie Mattinas, of Duluth--bad enough, apparently, that she decided it was a good idea to chug enough alcohol to push her blood alcohol level to three times the legal limit.

When she stumbled home to her Duluth apartment that afternoon, things got even worse: Her boyfriend was in bed with her 24-year-old sister. The sight sent Mattinas into a rage. She grabbed a baseball bat and hit her boyfriend, pushing him out the back door.

Then things really got ugly.

Mattinas attacked her sister, punching her 15 times with a closed fist. She gripped an eight-inch piece of trim board and thrust it into her sister's cheek. The tussle was so violent that pictures fell off the walls of the apartment downstairs.

When police arrived, they found broken bottles and glass all over the living room floor, and a bedroom door kicked off its hinges. Mattinas's 24-year-old sister lay on the floor with her face covered in blood and wood molding sticking out of her cheek. The molding was so deeply lodged in the victim's face that it had to be surgically removed.

Mattinas's Facebook page give some hints about her delightiful personality
Mattinas's Facebook page give some hints about her delightiful personality

Had Mattinas's victim only dug around on Facebook, she would have realized that her older sister wouldn't abide fornication. Right there, on Stephanie's Facebook page, one of her "activities" is this: "*Don't take a good woman for granted. Someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn't. ♥"

Police tested Mattinas's breath-alcohol level and found several small splinters in both of her hands. She freely admitted that she'd beaten the victims.

It's not the first time Mattinas has launched into a massive rage. She has prior convictions for domestic assault, plus theft of a motor vehicle and purchasing alcohol for someone under 21.

Mattinas was charged in St. Louis County District Court on Thursday with first-degree assault for allegedly inflicting great bodily harm on her sister and three counts of second-degree assault. She is being held in the St. Louis County Jail on $75,000 bail.

Here's a story on the crime from Northland News Center, the local station.

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