Stephan Judo chases naked woman down St. Paul streets with gun

Judo told police he wasn't sure how her bra and panties got in his car.

Judo told police he wasn't sure how her bra and panties got in his car.

Stephan Judo was arrested at 3:33 a.m. Friday morning after witnesses reported seeing him brandishing a gun and chasing a naked woman down the street.

Judo says the woman flagged him down, but he decided to chase her from the car when he realized she was a prostitute.

The woman tells a different story. She says Judo pulled the gun and told her to strip down and perform oral sex on him. She tried to grab his weapon -- the gun, that is -- and a wrestling match spilled out onto the street, where Judo was arrested for terroristic threats and DWI.


A witness described waking up to the honk of a car horn and a woman screaming. She and her husband went outside with a flashlight, where they saw the Judo chasing the naked woman.

As the witness watched, Judo threw his gun in the grass. The naked woman grabbed the gun, and threw it in the street. Then the witness grabbed the gun, and threw it -- no, wait, she just walked it over to her neighbor's house.

The woman seen fleeing has been arrested in the past on drug charges, and once for prostitution, police say.

In the case of he said, she said, Judo didn't help himself with his strange answers. He told cops that he had no idea why the woman's bra would be in his car, because, as he remembered it, she'd been fully clothed.

Judo also told police he didn't think he was drunk. Then he blew a .188, more than twice the legal limit. As of yesterday, he was still being held in Ramsey County Jail.