Stefon Diggs on Case Keenum: 'Not like it's my girlfriend'

It's 'all love' between Stefon Diggs and Case Keenum... but not THAT kind of love.

It's 'all love' between Stefon Diggs and Case Keenum... but not THAT kind of love. Twitter/MN Vikings

Thursday night's Vikings/(That Unbelievably Racist Name) NFL game looks so boring, people are mostly interested in betting on who might cry.

Put your money on Stefon Diggs to keep his composure.

With Minnesota (5-2) and Washington (1-6) so unevenly matched, the more interesting storylines are reunions: Vikings QB Kirk Cousins with the team that employed but never quite trusted him; Washington running back Adrian Peterson (listed as "questionable," but eager to play) with the team of his unstoppable youth; and Case Keenum, professional journeyman, with the franchise that witnessed his greatest—and really, only—success.

Keenum's career record through eight years in the NFL is 27-33, and 11 of those wins came in his one glorious season with the Vikings. Replacing an injured Sam Bradford, Keenum had the year of his life in 2017 and took the Vikings to an unexpected division title.

Even after all that, there was some chance Bradford might take the starting job back in the Vikings' playofff game against the New Orleans Saints. Who knows what might've happened if Bradford had taken the field. 

Everyone knows what happened when Keenum did.

Neither Diggs nor Keenum seems overly dramatic about seeing each other on opposite sides. Keenum, who's played in six NFL cities—two of them twice!—says he's not investing anything extra into the game.

He doesn't expect any particular feeling about playing again at U.S. Bank Stadium, saying, "I’ve played long enough to where I feel like if I keep going, I might play against my old team every week. It’s just a normal game for me."

Diggs, for his part, had this to say about Keenum:

When I see him, it’s all love though. I guess that was a moment we all shared, especially me and him. He gave me an opportunity, and I’m thankful for it. That’s my guy still — it’s all love.

Diggs also said this, which is objectively much funnier (note how much fellow receiver Adam Thielen appreciates the response):

Just to make the most obvious point, this is an excellent development for anyone who was hoping they might be Diggs' girlfriend. (Paging Lizzo?) Not to mention Case Keenum's wife.

Hard to picture how just weeks ago Diggs was the subject of trade rumors, Instagramming weird stuff, skipping practice, and not even talking to the media—a tragedy, if he's going to drop the occasional gem like this.