STD rates continue to climb in Minnesota

Any and all press releases disseminated on April 1 naturally warrant an extra degree of scrutiny. Especially ones pertaining to bodily functions, reproduction, Jesus, and other puritanical hang-ups.


So when we came across a report--ostensibly put out by the Minnesota Department of Health--titled "Incidence of Some STDs Increase Again in 2008," we were a bit skeptical.

But 45 seconds of half-assed detective work confirmed that, yes, it's legit. Which is a trifle unfortunate, considering the news contained therein.

A brief run-down of the uncomfortable findings: 

  • Chlamydia cases increased by 7 percent in 2008.
  • In the last 13 years, Chlamydia cases have doubled.
  • But don't go blaming cityfolk-- the greatest increases have been in Greater Minnesota and Twin Cities suburbs.
  • About 70 percent of all Chlamydia cases occur in teens/young adults between 15 and 24.
  • Syphilis is also on the rise, though it appears to be affecting a different demographic than Chlamydia. Namely gay dudes. Of the 163 early syphilis cases recorded in 2008, 97 percent were males.
  • In a of good news the Clap (gonorrhea) is on the wane, down 12 percent from last year [round of applause].

Obligatory words of (conventional) wisdom:

"Of course, avoiding sexual contact is the best way to prevent getting an STD," says Peter Carr, director of the STD and HIV section of the MN Dept. of Health. "For those who are sexually active, limiting sexual partners, e.g., monogamous relationships and correctly using a latex condom will greatly reduce the risk of getting an STD. Getting tested for STDs each year is equally important for sexually active singles - even without symptoms." 

Read the complete report here.

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