Statistics Prove Minnesota Has the Worst Sports Teams in America

Sad, but not surprising

Sad, but not surprising

The chronic failure of our state's sports teams ranks right up there with the weather as a safe, universally known discussion topic in Minnesota.

The Twin Cities is one of only 12 places in America that fields a team in all four major sports leagues. In case you haven't noticed, those teams haven't seen much success over the last decade.

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The Washington Post calculated the combined winning percentage for each of the 12 areas with four major sports teams and compiled the data in an interesting interactive graphic.

Minnesota ranks dead last since 2005 with a collective .463 winning percentage, meaning our teams won 46.3 percent of their games. That figure just edged Washington D.C. for the title of "Worst Sports Town in America." D.C.'s winning percentage came in at .468.

Boston, of course, led the way with a winning percentage of .611 and at least one championship in every major sport over the last decade. You go to hell, Boston.

But let's stay positive! Every team still offers reason for hope:

The Wild start their playoff run on Thursday, the Timberwolves have a future superstar in Andrew Wiggins, the Vikings figure to be halfway decent next year, and the Twins, well, let's see here, we'll find something...

Twins minor league teams have a collective record of 15-4 so far, best out of any organization. Stay positive, people. It's bound to get better.

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