State unemployment rate up in June

When the Obama Administration was peddling its massive $787 "stimulus" package back in January, Obama's economic propagandists released a pulled-out-of-their-ass "report" that warned the Amercian public of the dire consequences that would arise if the stimulus package were not passed. The unemployment rate, it said, would continue to rise and top out at 9 percent in 2010.

Funny story: the stimulus package was passed, and just midway through June 2009, we're already looking at a 9.5 percent national unemployment rate.

But we digress.

The Minnesota Department of Employment today released the latest unemployment figures. While the state's 8.4 percent unemployment rate is a better than the national average, it represents a slight uptick from May (8.1 percent) with no sign of letting up.

From the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal:

"The June employment figures represent the challenges that people and families are facing in this difficult economy," said DEED Commissioner Dan McElroy in a statement. "Even though Minnesota's unemployment rate is more than a point below the national rate, we'd like to see more people connecting with employment opportunities."

Minnesota's employers cut 16,700 jobs in June. Most of those were in construction, which lost 3,900 jobs; manufacturing, down 3,700; professional and business services, down 3,500; and leisure and hospitality, which lost 3,000 jobs.