State Trooper's Car Drilled by Truck Doing 60 MPH During Last Week's Snow Storm (Video)

State Trooper Kristie Sue Hathaway walked away from the scary wreck

State Trooper Kristie Sue Hathaway walked away from the scary wreck

Last week we reported on Thursday's traffic apocalypse, when wind, snow, and slick roads combined to create 654 crashes throughout the day.

Trouble continued overnight and into Friday morning's commute. The State Patrol says it responded to a total of 855 crashes from 8 a.m. Thursday until 10 a.m. Friday -- four of them involving state trooper vehicles.

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The first incident in the video above is State Trooper Kristie Sue Hathaway getting hit from behind by a Ford F-150 traveling at an estimated 60 mph.

She was on I-494 in Eagan early Friday morning, blocking the left lane so a tow truck could clear the scene, when she saw the F-150 bearing down on her in the rearview mirror.

"The moment before I was hit I still was holding out hope that he would swerve or slow down...but he just kept going," she said at a news conference on Friday. "I put my vehicle into drive thinking for a moment that I could move out of the way, but then I realized that wouldn't provide any safety for the tow truck driver, so I ended up staying in the lane."

Hathaway was brought to the hospital by her partner and was healthy enough to appear at a press conference the next day, but she wouldn't elaborate on her injuries.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of DWI.

State Patrol Lt. Tiffani Nielson reiterated what we all know by now: Most accidents are the result of people driving like idiots.

"Drivers are either operating their vehicles too fast for the conditions, not driving at a speed that reflects the conditions, not allowing sufficient following distance, not scanning eyes to the horizon -- that's when we're seeing these types of vehicles going off the road, property damage, personal injury crashes, and troopers getting hit," she said.

As for Hathaway, well, she took the crash like a champ.

"Getting into this job you're going to get hit, it's just when. I was pretty lucky to have been seated in my squad car with my seat belt on," she said.