State Sen. John Marty cameos in stoner flick

State Sen. John Marty, whose state legislative career has often focused on health care, thinks smoking weed -- for medical reasons, of course -– is just fine. But you may not know that the DFL-er from Roseville makes an appearance in “Super High Me,” a film that dubbed a potential stoner classic.

State Sen. John Marty cameos in stoner flick photo.

The St. Paul Ledger reported last week that our local senator hasn’t seen the film yet, even though it’s been out since March. Like its namesake, "Super Size Me," which followed the physical and mental health of a man who ate only McDonald’s for 30 days, "Super High Me" charts comedian Doug Benson's experiences during 60 days spent on and off of weed.

In the film, Benson is not high for the first 30 days and constantly high for the second. Benson submits to a series of physical, cognitive, and psychological tests to gauge his performance in both states of being.

In between frequent cutaways to Benson’s standup comedy routine, the film vacillates between tongue-in-cheek social criticism, exposure of government hypocrisy and sophomoric attempts at humor.

Benson commends Marty on camera for being the only politician to go on camera in support of medical marijuana, according to the Ledger.

“I was co-author of many medical marijuana bills because I’ve seen and talked to enough people who have used it for medical purposes,” Marty says in the film, making sure to qualify that he’s “never had cigarette … never smoked a joint” and doesn’t ever intend to do so.

“I just think the idea that the government is going to step in and tell every doctor and every patient, no matter how hard they’re hurting, that we have this other fear [of recreational use] that’s nothing related to what you are doing. … If you see someone who’s suffering, and this makes a difference, I don’t care what fear you have. It seems that you ought to try and do the right thing.”

We like Sen. Marty's forthrightness on this issue. We wish some other local politicians would be as up-front about certain things ... like their clothing bills.

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