State Patrol finds missing toddler and family dog, who'd stayed with him [VIDEO]

The feel-good missing toddler story of the week.

The feel-good missing toddler story of the week. MN State Patrol

City Pages has obtained further evidence indicating that dogs are just the best.

Also pretty good: the Minnesota State Patrol and its heat-sensing camera, which really comes in handy when searching for a missing person in the dark. 

On Tuesday evening, a two-year-old boy was declared missing in the town of Richmond (population 1,400), located about 30 minutes southwest of St. Cloud. The Stearns County Sheriff's Office and Minnesota State Patrol were called in to search for the missing kid, with help from local cops in Richmond and neighboring St. Martin, the St. Cloud Times reports

The kid was playing with siblings outside on the family farm when he wandered off. His grandmother came out to check on the kids around 6:00 p.m., and the family looked for him themsleves for about a half-hour, at which point they called in help from the authorities. 

The sheriff's department dispatched a drone and two bloodhounds to find the kid, while the State Patrol sent up a helicopter equipped with a "heat signature" camera. The same device was recently used to help with the tricky rescue of a couple canoeists who got lost in the Boundary Waters

At around 9:30, about three hours after the Stearns County toddler was declared missing, the helicopter discovered not one, but two warm shapes in an otherwise cold field: The boy was accompanied by the family dog, which the State Patrol says had "found the boy and stayed with him until help arrived." 

[Editor's note: Fuck it, just go ahead and cry.]

The helicopter pilot communicated the location to the search team on the ground, and a sheriff's deputy and state trooper were on the spot soon, where they picked up the boy and carried him home.

The State Patrol's video does not capture the precise moment of rescue that cleanly, but we can safely assume it included a very relieved little kid and lots of tail-wagging.