State Fair slaps Michele Bachmann for trademark infringement

Michele Bachmann, intellectual property thief
Michele Bachmann, intellectual property thief

It's one thing for Michele Bachmann to drape herself in the American flag. But if she's going to  try to drape herself in the mantle of the State Fair, she's going to have to contend with trademark law.

Bachmann's second campaign ad features the return of Jim the patronizing actor Election Guy, who says he understands that Minnesotans don't like to hurt their heads thinking about politics when they could be face-deep in cheese curds at the State Fair.

Still, if we'll just rouse ourselves from our greasy stupor for a second, Jim has frightening news that hits us where we live: Bachmann's opponent, Tarryl Clark, wants to tax our corn dogs and beer.

But there's a problem with the ad, besides its condescending tone: To illustrate its point, it repeatedly flashes the logo of the State Fair. And it turns out that logo is trademarked. And the Bachmann campaign never asked for permission to use it, they just took it.

Now, the State Fair is asking Bachmann to take the ad down, and is considering legal action. The Bachmann campaign now says they'll change the advertisement and replace the pilfered logo with something else.

Here's the ad in question:

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