State Fair Flickr photostreams take you back

This can't be right: Were there really only two reader photos from the Minnesota State Fair posted this morning, the day after the fair closed, on, the Pioneer Press Web site? All I found was a photo of a woman sitting on a tractor, and another of something titled "abstract seed art." Hello, Pioneer Press? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

(By contrast, the Star Tribune posted pages and pages of photos submitted by its audience.)

I have to say that for my money (i.e. "free") the best place to hold on to memories of the fair is through the eyes of regular folks on photo sharing sites such as Flickr. Facebook? You can only see what your friends will let you see. Twitter? Too chaotic. On Flickr there's all sorts of filtering and tagging options and a lot of great photography open for everyone to see. Here's 10 photo streams to get you started, in no particular order.