State DFL May Revoke KSTP's Press Credentials Due to Pointergate

The Pointergate drama continues

The Pointergate drama continues

[UPDATE 12/15]: Thomas emailed yesterday and said that instead of taking a vote, the resolution was moved to the next State Central Committee meeting in February.

The DFL's governing body is considering a resolution that would revoke press credentials from KSTP until it apologizes for Pointergate.

Senate District 65 Chair Megan Thomas sent out notice yesterday that she's sponsoring the measure, which will be voted on at the DFL State Central Committee meeting Saturday. If it passes everyone from the station would be barred from accessing the floor during DFL events. See also: Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn Snubs Pointergate's Jay Kolls, Burns KSTP on Facebook

It reads:

"Be it resolved that KSTP News does not receive credentials for any DFL event until such time that they apologize for their misleading and racist report that has become known as #pointergate."

"I think there needs to be consequences for engaging in such irresponsible and inflammatory speech," said Thomas, who is also president of the DFL Feminist Caucus.

After Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn made his rejection of KSTP public earlier this week Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists President Jonathan Kealing reached out via email:

"While SPJ has disagreements with KSTP's choice on the Pointergate story, the disagreement with them is limited to that story. I think it's very important that elected officials respond to questions from all citizens and reporters, including KSTP and Jay Kolls. I hope Brad Bourn will reconsider his policy. SPJ's statement should not be used as an excuse by elected officials to avoid talking to members of the media."

Pointergate was stupid, and will always be stupid, ill-advised, and probably racist. KSTP disagrees, and nothing is going to change. No apology is forthcoming.

But punishing the entire station is not the right way to go about voicing displeasure. Thomas disagrees.

"This is not a matter of me just disagreeing with a story. This story was clearly irresponsible, inflammatory and libelous. It was clearly racist. They have the right to run that, but they don't have the right not to face consequences for it," she said.

Senate District 65 covers parts of western St. Paul.

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