Starbury TV: Hypnotic as all hell


It's day four or five of StarburyTV, the single greatest webisode on the internet. While much is made of him eating Vaseline, dancing to Michael Jackson in white face, and shouting out "much love" to people like riza213, few mention the undeniable fact: this shit is hypnotic.

Watch his live stream here:

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For reals. I spent the better part of last night watching his highlight reel. Then when I woke up in the morning, early, there he was, shirtless, bouncing to JayZ and framing in his face with the "diamond" sign. Many are cutting this down as crazy, saying his webisode is nothing more than a psychotic episode. They're right. But as my co-worker pointed out, what StarburyTV also shows is that being a professional athlete must be really freaking boring...  especially during the offseason.

Think about it. There you are rich as hell with nothing to do, aside from working out or shooting jump shots. It's really the same as being an unemployed twenty-something, sitting around with a Macbook and looking at photos of random people on Facebook.

But add in the microscope all pro athletes are under and its no wonder we see these guys flip. Hell, the one guy who seems to understand all the B.S. is Ricky Williams, and somehow that guy is scorned as a dope fiend.

So by taking control of the camera, we see a live, uncut version of Marbury. It's raw. It's funny. It's weird. It's strange. It's haunting. But at least we know hope that Marbury is in control of it.

Though, after hours of it, we're left wondering: will Tracy Jordan get pissed that Marbury is moving in on his turf?