Starbucks drama continues: union files labor charges

starbucks-thumb.bmp The Starbucks union, Industrial Workers of the World, filed labor charges Wednesday against the Mall of America and Metro Transit after an incident Aug. 31. The group claims they were illegally detained on a light rail train and not allowed to enter MoA to escort an employee to work. For the full story, check out our previous stories for the video and more details on the incident.


According to the FOX9 story:

The mall apparently believed the group planned to protest, and told police not to let them on mall property.

Police say the mall is public property and can refuse entrance to anyone. But union members call it discrimination, saying they were singled out for their union-organizing activities.

IWW filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board. The board should complete its investigation by mid-November.

A spokesperson with the Mall of America did not return calls, but they will have to respond to the labor charge.

The NLRB says the paperwork went out in Wednesday's mail.

We watched the video and are quite concerned about what happened. We'll keep you updated on what transpires. And hopefully there will be some type of detailed public response from MoA and the police. We can't wait to hear how much money will be sucked up dealing with all of the police wrongdoings.

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