Star Wars X-Wing vs. Snowmageddon: Video of the Day

Help me, Snowbi-Wan Kesnowbi. You're my only snowpe.

Help me, Snowbi-Wan Kesnowbi. You're my only snowpe.

Mike Nelson, a commercial and film director, was shoveling the walk of his Robbinsdale home after the snowstorm that popped the Metrodome, when his wife asked him to take some photos. He shot some stills with his digital camera before he made a nerdy little observation.

"I looked down the trail I made and I said, 'Hey, this looks like the Death Star," he says.


So he flipped the camera into video mode and zoomed down his sidewalk, just like Luke Skywalker's X-Wing in 1977's Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Then he threw it up on Facebook for friends to enjoy.

That's where his friend Aaron Dabelow, another director and animator (both work for Minneapolis's MAKE Visual) found it.

"I said, 'Send me the file,'" says Dabelow. "I didn't even let him know what I was doing."

Three hours later, Dabelow sent the file back, complete with an itty-bitty X-Wing blowing up Nelson's back steps, which were totally about to destroy the rebel base.

The Force was clearly with him. Currently, the 17 second clip has over 73,000 hits. Check it out: