Star Tribune's C.J. writes column about Julie Nelson's boobs

Julie Nelson, before the "transformation" described by C.J. in her latest hard-hitting column.

Julie Nelson, before the "transformation" described by C.J. in her latest hard-hitting column.

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Four months removed from writing a column about whether Julie Nelson is getting fat or is pregnant, C.J. is back with a long-awaited follow-up about another part of the KARE 11 anchor's anatomy.

This time, instead of writing about her belly, C.J. devotes a few hundred words to Nelson's breasts.

[jump] In "Lots of support for KARE anchor's new look," C.J. asks Nelson a series of hard-hitting questions about her newfound bustiness, which is apparently the result of an Oprah show about bras.

"Yeah, Oprah's show about bras changed my life," Nelson tells C.J. "Finding one that fits makes all the difference."

C.J. took notice of Nelson's rack during KARE's Monday evening introduction to NBC's Olympic tape-delayed fail coverage. She writes:

KARE 11 anchor Julie Nelson certainly has been looking more upright these days.

...That Oprah show aired years ago, but that was apparently all Nelson had to say about her transformation. A KARE 11 insider tells me there's been no newsroom chatter about Nelson's higher profile. Duh. Of course, her colleagues aren't talking about it. That's called creating a hostile work environment.

... [On Monday] Nelson was doing a stand-up, making KARE 11's 6:30 p.m. introduction to NBC's Olympic coverage. She had on a stunning, dark pink sleeveless dress that accentuated a flat belly and made the area above look just the opposite.

What's next, C.J.? A column about Nelson's ass?