Star Tribune's C.J. grills Vikings' Christian Ponder about his bereft love life

Ponder: "Football is my girlfriend." During his NFL career, it's been a rocky relationship.
Ponder: "Football is my girlfriend." During his NFL career, it's been a rocky relationship.

As a young single guy myself, I can tell you that there are few things more uncomfortable than a woman old enough to be my mom grilling me about my romantic life.

Christian Ponder, ready or not, meet C.J.

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Last week, the Star Tribune gossip columnist took a trip to Winter Park and tried to get Ponder to kiss and tell about his love life. The Vikings' dashing quarterback handled C.J.'s questioning with aplomb but mostly kept his lips sealed, telling her that "football is my girlfriend." Yeah right, Christian.

Here's a transcript of part of the interview. To see the Star Tribune video footage, click here.

This is C.J. from Winter Park with breaking break-up news, which might be old, but is new to me.

So the breaking news is that Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is now a single guy. And from the looks on these faces [cut to shot of reporters scribbling notes at Winter Park] these guys could care less that the QB heartthrob who had a girlfriend a few months ago has gone from being a duo to being solo.

I had to pull Ponder's gorgeous teeth gently during our last chat to get this information.

[Cut to shot of C.J., unseen behind a camera, interviewing Ponder]

C.J.: You're going to let me know first when you get engaged, won't you?

Ponder: [Sarcastically] I'll call you. Before I call my mom I'll call you.

C.J.: No no no no. Call mother. I'm okay with you calling mom. You don't have my number, though.

Ponder: I'll get ahold of you. Who knows when that's going to be, though.

C.J.: Not this year?

Ponder: Probably not.

C.J.: But you still got the same talent on the scene, right?

Ponder: I got nothing going on.

C.J.: What happened to the "talent" that was here last year?

Ponder: Not here anymore.

C.J. [Last year we were] making references to your girlfriend. Now you're telling me that's not the situation anymore?

Ponder: I'm a lone wolf right now. Football is my girlfriend. Painful girlfriend.

C.J.: I don't believe you, you're pulling my leg!

Vikings PR assistant Tom West: Both will break your heart, but only one can make you broke.

Ponder: One could break my leg... I guess both could break my leg. (Too soon?)

No woman, no cry for Christian so far this season, as through two games he's completed 76 percent of his passes, hasn't thrown a pick, and has a gaudy QB rating of 110.6. Last season, when he supposedly had a girlfriend, Ponder's QB rating was 70.1. Further evidence that women are nothing but trouble for single, aspiring straight men? You be the judge.

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