Star Tribune's C.J. calls Julie Nelson and Belinda Jensen, asks them if they're fat or pregnant

It's one of those questions you just don't ask. It's forbidden.

When one of your female friends gains a few pounds, you might wonder to yourself if they're fat or pregnant, but normally, under no circumstances would you actually ask them.

The Star Tribune's C.J. apparently plays by a different set of rules. Because in a column published today, she calls up KARE11's Julie Nelson and Belinda Jensen and directly asks them, "are you getting fat? Or are you preggers?"

In "They'll need a diet at KARE11 after Pomeranz says goodbye," CJ works from the premise ("based on reports from e-mailers") that Nelson and Jensen are looking a little huskier these days. To get the scoop, C.J. called Jensen last Thursday and asked, point-blank: "You're not expecting a baby, are you?"

C.J. reports that Nelson and Jensen are getting fat.
C.J. reports that Nelson and Jensen are getting fat.

Jensen's reply: "I think we're just both getting fat."

Why are you putting on pounds?

"I think we're eating because we're sad that Mr. Pomeranz is leaving," Jensen said. Pomeranz is soon leaving KARE11 for a broadcasting job with the San Diego Padres.

Said Nelson: "I know you were told I'm pregnant, and then you were told I'm fat. And the truth is -- drum roll please -- just getting fat. All the emotional eating I've been doing since find out (sic) Mike is LEAVING US!"

Preggers-or-not-preggers controversy aside, C.J. is just lucky Nelson and Jensen are such good sports. My mommy taught me that anyone who asks women such questions should expect a slap in the face -- or, at the least, a curt hang up.

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