Star Tribune won't endorse a House seat


A good scoop over at WCCO on Jason DeRusha's blog about upcoming U.S. House endorsements scheduled at the Star Tribune tomorrow.

The paper is supposed to announcement House endorsements in the Minnesota 3rd district race (Madia and Paulsen) and the 6th district (Bachmann and Tinklenberg) tomorrow, but the paper's Opinion Editor Scott Gillespie said they will not endorse one of the district seats.

DeRusha says Gillespie wouldn't say which race it was, but did say this:

"Occasionally you just feel like you haven't been presented with the level of candidate you think should be in that seat and we have one of those tomorrow," Gillespie said. "We don't do it very often. We don't want to do it very often because I think, if you're gonna do this, generally you're gonna want to come up with an endorsement."

If it's Bachmann's reelection race, we will be very shocked. We will patiently (barely) wait for the newspaper tomorrow to hear which one it is and why. Both races are very heated and the most watched Minnesota House races nationwide.