Star Tribune spikes Katherine Kertsen's blog

It's the end of the road for Kersten's blog
It's the end of the road for Kersten's blog
Photo: BennyLin0724

Conservative scold Katherine Kersten, who lost her slot as a regular columnist at the Star Tribune last year and lately appears much less frequently as a Sunday op-ed writer for the newspaper, now finds her profile shrinking even further: Her blog has been yanked from the Strib's website.

Terry Sauer, assistant managing editor for digital at 425 Portland Ave., tells MinnPost the blog and its comment section were deleted during a content migration because Kersten was actually posting very little other than her regurgitated columns.

To get a sense of what a crazy pot of emotions she can stir, check out the comments below her June 12 effort, which declares a conspiracy on the part of American journalists to wipe out religion as a moral force.

Other Kersten classics: Bouncing the "ACORN stole the election for Franken" meme around the right wing echo chamber; insisting to Bill O'Reill that the University of Minnesota was brainwashing its education majors; and relegating ugly folks to the dust bin.

As we've pointed out before, her right-of-Attila-the Hun positions have caused her to be mocked by other writers in the Strib's commentary section, as well as by cartoonist L.K. Hanson.

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