Star Tribune reporter Paul Walsh stands by controversial CeCe McDonald story


The Star Tribune is taking heat for its report on CeCe McDonald's release from prison.

THE BACKSTORY: CeCe released from prison [VIDEO]

The January 13 piece, written by breaking news reporter Paul Walsh, described CeCe as "a man in transition to being a woman" instead of the GLAAD-endorsed formulation, which is simply "transgender woman." Walsh and the Strib editors have also been criticized for putting quotations around CeCe's name, identifying her as "Chrishaun 'CeCe' McDonald" instead of just CeCe McDonald.

"The Star Tribune was the only news outlet in the country to not identify Cece McDonald as a transgender woman in stories about her release from prison," a post on blog reports. "It was the only news story around the country to put quotes around Cece's name in the headline suggesting that the name Cece has chosen for herself is not accurate, and instead used her birth name 'Chrishaun.'"

"And the paper took pains not to use a pronoun for Cece after labeling her a 'man in transition to being a woman,'" Andy Birkey's post continues, adding that referring to CeCe as "in transition" rather than simply as a transgender woman is something the Strib did even as far back as its coverage of the CeCe McDonald murder trial, which was the subject of a City Pages cover feature in May 2012.

But reached for comment yesterday, Walsh told us, "The only thing I want to say is that I stand by the story in its totality."

A message left for Strib Editor Rene Sanchez asking him to address his paper's treatment of CeCe wasn't returned.

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