Star Tribune promotes Ben Ganje, leaves ad team leaderless

The Star Tribune has promoted sales manager Ben Ganje, potentially creating a significant void in the ad team of its weekly entertainment tabloid.

Ganje has been reassigned to head the Strib's "Daily Deals" program, signaling a major push into Groupon-land by the Minneapolis daily as well as an exodus from print into the greener digital pastures for the best and brightest on the sales team.

We asked Star Tribune Marketing Director Steve Yaeger who was going to replace Ganje as sales manager at Vita.Mn.

"That I can't comment on," Yaeger said.

Other sources tell City Pages that the Star Tribune has "temporarily" assigned salespeople to Star Tribune managers.

Ben Ganje is leaving Vita.Mn for greener digital pastures.
Ben Ganje is leaving Vita.Mn for greener digital pastures.

Yaeger denies that the changes are permanent, telling City Pages that the paper plans on replacing Ganje as sales manager with someone else who will focus on He says they plan on "beefing up" the paper with more staff.

"We've got a position open for a sales manager, if you know of anybody," he said.

Asked for a timetable, he said they'll replace him as soon as they find the right person.

Ganje declined to comment.

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