Star Tribune newsroom told to cut $1.9 million

The Star Tribune management is asking the newspaper's newsroom to cut $1.9 million from their budget by mid-January, according to MinnPost.

That represents 9 percent of the newsroom budget.

Readers could see some of the best reporters leave if the paper cuts merit pay, MinnPost says. Cutting the pay of the very best on your staff? Hm.
More from MinnPost:

The plan would get eliminate or greatly reduce "merit pay," which management awards above union scale (from $37,128 for rookies to $69,888 for six-plus-year veterans). Assuming merit pay has really gone to the meritorious, the Strib's best journalists would get the biggest cuts.
Other alternatives could be a "three-year wage freeze, cutting overtime, and reducing or eliminating 'night differential,' the $8-$14 per day paid to those working the late shift."


It's not a good day for newspapers. Gawker is reporting on an analysis that says newspapers could start folding in the next year, leaving some cities with no newspaper at all. Is Minneapolis at risk?