Star Tribune names new columnists

Star Tribune names new columnists


The Star Tribune picked their two new Metro section columnists internally: news reporter

Jon Tevlin

and Variety section writer

Gail Rosenblum

. They will start in a couple weeks, according to the

MinnPost report

The two replace Nick Coleman and Katherine Kersten. Coleman chose to stay at the paper, but his new assignment is not yet known.

Tevlin has been closely following and reporting on the Tom Petters alleged Ponzi scheme in recent months. One of his most recent notable article was his

piece on Deanna Coleman

, who ratted out Petters to authorities. We can assume the Strib picked him to do some serious reporting in his column with quirky angles and maybe even some breaking news.

Rosenblum comes from a more fluffy reporting background (the Strib says she "writes about relationships"), probably a balance for Tevlin's more serious side. Rosenblum has most recently written about the Facebook breastfeeding controversy. But Rosenblum is a great storyteller and likely to bring some heart-wrenching pieces to the Metro section. 

Star Tribune names new columnists
Photo courtesy of the Star Tribune

This short piece (almost an extended cutline), "Sophia and Alexander," written by Roseblum in Aug. 2007 still comes up when I think of her work. 

Did the Strib make the best picks possible out of their staff? Will the balance work and will readers miss the craziness that was Coleman and Kersten?

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