Star Tribune launches modern-day Inquisition

The daily newspaper of Minneapolis has sent gubernatorial candidates an email asking them to disclose their mental health records as well as any past use of drugs or alcohol.

The e-mail ominously promises that even "the absence of a response" is likely to be used in a future news story. Translation: if you don't respond to our prying survey, everybody is going to assume you're a heroin junkie, so 'fess up with the Alcoholics Anonymous already.

Here is the e-mail, in its entirety:

Dear candidate for governor:

Following up on the recent published remarks by former Sen. Mark Dayton about his treatment for depression and alcohol abuse, the Star Tribune is asking each candidate for governor whether he or she has ever received therapy or treatment of any kind for use of alcohol or prescription or non-prescription drugs, or for depression or anxiety. The response - or the absence of a response - will likely be used in a future news story.

The newspaper requests that any response to this inquiry be made by Jan. 8.
Thank you.

Pat Doyle
Staff Writer
Minneapolis Star Tribune

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