Star Tribune celebrates fake UFC champ

The article is about Jim Mullen, who is described in a photo caption as "a former Ultimate Fighting Championship world champ who now runs a ministry in north Minneapolis." According to the lead of the story:

To hear James Mullen tell about his victories on the Ultimate Fighting Championship tour -- the "no-holds-barred" full-contact martial arts bouts -- you first have to hear about the match he lost.

"I wrestled with the Lord, and he won," said Mullen, 39. "I was seeking fame and exultation and all the things that went with it. Then I realized that it wasn't my glory I should be living for. It's his glory."

The only problem is that it's not true, and a simple search on Wikipedia--or any knowledge whatsoever about the UFC--would tell you so.

The easiest way to discover that this claim isn't true is by looking at the List of UFC Champions on Wikipedia. You will see Jim Mullen is not mentioned.


In fact, the only reference to Jim Mullen that I could find in the UFC was him losing a heavyweight semifinal fight at UFC 12 to Scott Ferozzo, who went on to lose in the final to Vitor Belfort. Here's how one reviewer described the fight:

The match lasted 8:17 but Mullen never had [a] chance and only fought to survive while Ferrozzo just beat the hell out of him.

You can also look up Jim Mullen on Sherdog's FightFinder, the premier compendium of MMA records, where Mullen's record is listed as 0-2.

Of course none of that matters, cause the whole point of the article is that now Mullen fights for the lord!

Still, it'd be nice if the Star Tribune didn't get MMA wrong every time they try to write about it. Just a few weeks ago, they falsely attributed an old magazine interview with Brock Lesnar to a blog.