Star Tribune cashing in on Brett Favre's "Purple Reign"


Will Brett Favre single-handledly drag the Minneapolis newspaper of record out of bankruptcy, just as he's heaved the Vikings into Superbowl contention on his mighty shoulders?

It sure seems that way sometimes. The latest cash-in: "Purple Reign," a $19.95 book suggested as a gift for the Vikings fan in your life "featuring articles and photos from Brett Favre's first season with the Vikings."*



* Football phone not included.

From the Sales Material:

Brett Favre is an American institution. A living breathing sports icon. One of the most popular and interesting athletes of this or any generation. Just when you think you've seen it all from the gunslinger from Mississippi, he ends up on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minnesota to re-write the record books yet again. His path to purple was paved with unbelievable drama and suspense, much like the 2009 season. Follow the journey every step of the way, from the invitation he received to join a budding powerhouse with just one missing link ... through the miraculous finishes on the field ... and excitement off of it.

It's true: Brett Favre is America.