Star Tribune buyout list released, MinnPost vultures start to circle

MinnPost posted the list of 23 Star Tribune newsroom employees who took a buyout. There are a couple surprises, but many were expected. 

Check out the full list below.

Familiar names: 
-Business reporter Mike Meyers 
-Metro columnist Katherine Kersten 
-Obituaries reporter Ben Cohen 
-Travel writer/photographer Chris Welsch 
-Web designer Jamie Chismar 

Other big losses for the paper: 
-Online Managing Editor Will Tacy. 
-Sports copy editor Bud Armstrong 
-Librarian Roberta Hovde 
-Recruiting manager Brenda Rotherham 
-Photography director Peter Koeleman 
-Metro desk team leader Beth Podtburg 
-Metro desk team leader Suzanne Ziegler 
-Photo editor Vickie Kettlewell 
-Computer-assisted reporting specialist KJ Peterson 
-Receptionist Josh Johnson 
-News assistant Mary Beth Vanyo 
-Researcher Janet Rak 
-Copy editors Jay Ewoldt, Mike Bonafield, Barbara Haugen, Sharon Nyberg 
-Designers Laurie Harker and Steve Ray

I learned and worked alongside many of these fine journalists and can say with certainty that the paper is taking a big loss by letting them go.

To read more analysis on some of the losses, check out MinnPost. Ah yes, the compliments before the offers. 

Up next: The MinnPost's quick round up of former Strib employees! How many can they take under their wing with that new Knight Foundation grant?