Stanley Ritter torched 15 garages because Jack Daniels makes him crazy and stupid

Looks like Stanley Ritter set off quite the conflagration in Shorewood on Wednesday night. Police say he torched 15 garages at an apartment complex. And when he was arrested, he said the booze was talking:

"He stated that the reason he started the fire was because he was drinking Jack Daniel's and that Jack Daniel's makes him crazy and stupid," said Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher.

True that. It probably didn't help matters that he evidently has bi-polar disorder, and the medications he takes for that condition do not make for an ideal Tennessee whiskey cocktail.

Then there was the matter of a broken heart. He'd split with his girlfriend a few months back, and it wasn't an easy breakup; she had a restraining order against him.

Folks in the neighborhood knew the guy, and reported seeing him speeding away from the scene of the fire Wednesday. The cops caught up with him in Fridley, where they also found his car reeking of gasoline. He confessed, was booked into the Ramsey County jail.

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