Stalker Michael Mangan Indicted for Allegedly Stealing More Than $1 Million from Investors

Michael Mangan's mugshot from his 2013 arrest

Michael Mangan's mugshot from his 2013 arrest

Michael Mangan is stuck behind dreary prison bars right now, but you may remember him for his past criminal deeds. Earlier this year, Mangan pleaded guilty to three counts of aggressively stalking his ex-wife.

But stalking wasn't the end of it. The original 2013 complaint against Mangan contained all sorts of other terrifying details: police finding round upon round of ammunition in his car along with a "hit list" of people who had offended him in the past. Just a true buffet of odd, dangerous behavior.

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Now, according to court documents filed last week, the U.S. Department of Justice is indicting Mangan for a host of new financial crimes. Through all sorts of sneaky methods, the indictment says, Mangan managed to steal more than $1 million from investors.

Prosecutors say this scheme started in 2009 and continued until about 2011, running through a range of Mangan's companies. Each of the many ventures had different, generic names: High Point Group inc., High Point Construction and Remodeling, High Point Property Management, you get the gist. But they all had the same basic goal: getting investors to pour their cash into Mangan's real estate projects.

To investors, Mangan's plan sounded like something straight out of a Wall Street playbook: He'd buy damaged homes, fix them up, and rent them out or sell them (sound familiar?). But none of it went there. Mangan allegedly kept it for himself.

The trick was kept alive, the indictment says, by fake documents: financial statements for his companies with made-up numbers, worthless checks that just bounced, over and over and over.

Today, Mangan still sits in the cold, damp confines of a jail cell. And with the latest indictment against him, there's a good shot that he probably isn't leaving any time soon.

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