Staffer for leading MNGOP guv candidate Jeff Johnson taking heat for sexist FB posts

A liberal group is criticizing Johnson (pictured) for having a "sexist" on his campaign staff.
A liberal group is criticizing Johnson (pictured) for having a "sexist" on his campaign staff.

Last weekend, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson won an MNGOP straw poll of the leading 2014 Republican gubernatorial candidates, receiving 35 percent of the 409 votes cast by the party's central committee.

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That's obviously good news for Johnson, but one of his staffers, self-described "retired communications professional" Craig Westover, is making headlines for the wrong reasons this week.

Westover became the subject of a post about "Jeff Johnson's sexist staffer" on the Alliance for a Better Minnesota's "Wrong for Minnesota" blog thanks to two wisecracks he offered up on Facebook last year.

The jokes were brought to public attention by Michael Brodkorb:

And here's what a female blogger named Emily (no last name provided) had to say about those posts on ABM's "Wrong for Minnesota" blog:

You might think that Westover is new to working with campaigns or the media, and therefore may have made a poor decision; however, that's simply not the case. Westover has been involved with politics and the media for years: He worked for the Pioneer Press before transitioning to spokesperson for the Republican Party of Minnesota starting in 2011.

If this is the man that Johnson trusts to represent his campaign, what does that say about Johnson's own views about women?

As a woman, I find Westover's comments reprehensible. I thought we were past the point of sexist, offensive jokes, but I guess I'm wrong. Imagine how much worse the war on women would be with someone who tolerates these kinds of comments in office. That's not a state I want to live in.

Unsurprisingly, Brodkorb himself was criticized for bringing up posts unflattering to Johnson, who describes himself as the "nice guy" and the "most electable" in the race for the Republican nomination to challenge Mark Dayton:

Westover, for his part, hasn't publicly responded to the controversy.

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