Stadium bill deader than Vikings' postseason chances, but Dayton hopeful for another shot

Remember that Vikings stadium bill? That thing now looks like it's in worse shape than Adrian Peterson's knee.

The bill was sacked last night by the House Government Operations and Elections Committee, which killed in with a 9-6 vote. Afterward, the chief author of the House bill, Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, said it would require someone to "pull a rabbit out of a hat for this thing to stay alive."

So with no new stadium, the Vikings are goners now, right? Not so fast, said Gov. Mark Dayton today.

Dayton said he's "very disappointed" by the bill's failure in the House, but seems to believe the legislature will get one last do-or-die shot at a Vikings stadium bill next session.

"We've got to get a stadium next year or the Vikings will leave. I mean it's just as clear as that," Dayton said. "We can't have it both ways. We can't not do a new stadium and have the Vikings remain here for very long."

"If we don't get it this session, we'll get it next session," he added.

Like Dayton, Vikings spokesman Lester Bagley said he's "very disappointed" following last night's vote. He again stopped short of playing the see-you-in-LA card, but said he "would ask the state, 'What else do you expect us to do?'"

Hmm... here's a thought -- how about pay for a greater share of the new stadium's costs?

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